Thursday, March 24, 2016

This helped me tremendously, sometimes you just need someone to tell you the reasons.


Because you deserve to live.

Because your life has value, whether or not you can see it.
Because it was not your fault.
Because you didn’t choose to be battered and used.
Because life itself is precious.

Because you are connected to each and every other ritual abuse survivor, and so your daily battle automatically gives others hope and strength.

Because you will feel better, eventually.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Gimme more

Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

In a perfect world...

Poverty is terrible, but what is poverty? The World Health Organization provides a simple and easy to understand description, "Poverty is associated with the undermining of a range of key human attributes, including health. The poor are exposed to greater personal and environmental health risks, are less well nourished, have less information and are less able to access health care; they thus have a higher risk of illness and disability. Conversely, illness can reduce household savings, lower learning ability, reduce productivity, and lead to a diminished quality of life, thereby perpetuating or even increasing poverty."

It's hard to experience poverty, it's even harder to see my friends and family experience poverty. I see people who can't pay their back taxes AND their current taxes, they can pay one or the other. AND this is while working full time at the same job for over eight years, while living simply, and being single with no additional expenses. 

There is something wrong with that picture. When the people employed to make a city livable can no longer afford to live in the city in which they work we, as a species, are in trouble. I see it over and over and over again. I see the difference between my own and another person's circumstance being largely based on the color of my skin, my age, and my education. I'm not intrinsically more valuable because I have read more books. I'm not worth more because I'm white. Being youngish isn't an asset. My body and mind are not currency.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Definitely appropriate for Christmas

Check out @JohnLGC's Tweet:

Friday, November 13, 2015

Music is Healing

There are no words. We live in a world of perpetual violence. I'm thankful for my family, I'm thankful for music. This performance is beautiful.


Please care more

Why are we allowing the world to continue killing our brothers and sisters? I don't know what would change the world but I'm so close to lighting myself on fire. I think about it daily and there are only two things that have stopped me from doing it so far; I know that the people I want to change would not care whereas the people I love the most would be hurt, and I don't want to encourage anyone else to do the same.

I was discussing the Buddhist martyrs and other people who have self-immolated in the name of political protest. My argument was that so many people that have the capacity to enact global change are asleep. By doing something drastic and frightening that doesn't hurt anyone you have the chance to wake those people up out of their complacent stupor. His argument was that lighting yourself on fire is hurting people. I came around to his way of thinking. 

Can you remember without Googling the name of the young man whose act of self immolation started the Arab spring in Egypt? I can't. I couldn't name one person who had done it. Although I know hundreds if not thousands of people have. I am asleep. Perhaps I would regret it. Perhaps I would feel how sad my family would be once I was gone. But I feel that sadness now. 

Missy Elliot's New Video is Super Rad

Enjoy some great beats and even better costuming!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Gratitude and acceptance

It's funny how far I've traveled only to return to the place from which I started. Several times round but slightly more wisdom. Much less anger, or rather more acceptance to other modes of being. I'm ok with not getting 'what I want' since what I end up with is always better, without fail.

Acceptance that I've been born into a life of privilege, and gratitude that I've been gifted with the ability to help those who weren't given the same opportunity.

But I still get mad. Mostly at myself. I've spent so much money on pursuing joy and love, when I could have invested in others I chose to invest in myself, like a pig. I take so much. I get high. I drink. And I cry for myself because I hate myself so much. Another selfish reaction. There is so much to be sad for, my loneliness isn't worth the salt of my tears.